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Sophia Stands

Sophia stands, golden,
calf-deep on an empty beach,
feeling the insistent tide.
Brushed by silvered fish, 
it may be seaweed, jaja.
Breathing salt.
Crabs have baked 
in volcanic tide pools.
Molluscs cling,
urchin tendrils sway
lightly, their march
They leave soundless depths
to cook on jagged rock,
and all is as should be.
Humming, fizzing white,
incanting, lifting,
circling spiral spheres.
Om aim hreem shreem
sri matre namaha

June 2022
Sorche Berry ©2022

Interspiritual Barn Chapel Initiative: Chapels in the Woods (with horses…)

This is a message I put out yesterday to anyone who would listen, asking for nature-oriented lay-monastics with barns/animals/esp. horses to consider offering interspiritual mediation space. For our purposes, “interspiritual” means across faith traditions, including no faith at all. Divisive times call for unity! Let me know what you think…And please share/broadcast if so inclined. I think our planet and our interiorities will thank us.

“As many of you know, as well as being an equine rehab instructor, I am a priest and professed lay-monastic of the Lindisfarne Community. I’m seeking the help of friends to find interspiritual ministers or lay-monastics of any tradition who may be called to offer interspiritual meditation space in a natural setting. Be grateful if you could wrack your brains and send this to the folks that occur to you–you know you know at least one! And thank you!–Sara
#barnchapelinitiative #horsesforpeace #changethemodel
“Are you an interspiritual minister or lay-monastic of any tradition with a barn and horses?
I have a few questions for you:
*Do you find yourself closest to God or Spirit, or simply Being, when in Nature?…
*Do you think these times call for Unity, Oneness, and a radical change in our relationship with Nature?…
*Does it matter to you that our barns and ag land are falling into disuse and our horses are sent to kill pens because we have no jobs for them?…
*Do you know from experience that the horse mind is good for the human mind?…
If you can say “Yes” to one or more of these questions, maybe you can say “Yes” to being part of an Interspiritual Barn Chapel Initiative! Please contact Rev Sara Berry LC at””