Common Space Interfaith Initiative

So…this is my project in motion here now in downtown San Antonio, starting with interfaith Centering Prayer and Dhikr circles, in the search for meaningful shared space between Muslims and Christians. Proud, very proud of this baby (
“Common Space is an interfaith community committed to sharing values across the faith traditions. Our membership consists of lay & religious people from diverse nations and faiths. We aim to share space together, literally and metaphorically. We affirm our shared humanity in its context of a rich, beautiful, and diverse planet.

A Common Space retreat comes to represent to its participants a haven of peace and understanding, a place where they can become, in a quite literal way, part of the change they wish to see in the world.

We are looking for volunteers to facilitate Common Space interfaith groups which foster shared values and understanding across faith traditions: we need you! Please contact for more information.”

“A new common space has to be renegotiated” (Pankaj Mishra, 2015)

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